Step into our office…

We, at Holdun Family Office, develop a trusted relationship with the families we work with. From us, you can expect a dedicated team of financial experts focused on your family’s growth. We offer detailed planning and attentive guidance. From the grandkids to the great-grandparents, we take care of each one of your family members like we do our own.

Family Governance

We treat your financial matters using the same foolproof methods we have employed for the past five generations. Our approach is simple: manage your family’s wealth like we do our own. This promises an alignment of interests. Transparency, trust and accountability found our strong relationships.

  • Family Constitution
  • Family Bylaws
  • Family Council

Global Reporting

We provide you with a global portfolio analysis and consolidation across all asset classes.  With this data we are able to create a consolidated report for your total net worth along with relevant performance data.

  • Portfolio analysis
  • Portfolio reconciliation
  • Tracking and monitoring investments

Estate Planning

We go far beyond the immediate future and think decades ahead. We know the importance of managing your estate wisely, and we ensure every detail is accounted for.

  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning